Hello there! Snikket is launching at FOSDEM 2020, come see us in the Realtime Lounge!

Snikket Server

Your own messaging server in a box

What is Snikket?

Snikket is a messaging platform that is different to the mainstream messaging apps. Instead of entrusting your conversations and messages with proprietary servers “in the cloud” that analyze and sell your data, we like to do things a little differently.

Snikket lets you run your own service, that you control, on the system of your choice. For many people this is a cheap private server (VPS) or even a Raspberry Pi.

Instead of your messaging app connecting to hidden far-away servers managed and owned by a large corporation, your Snikket app will connect directly to your personal Snikket server.

What does a Snikket server do?

The Snikket server lets you create and manage user accounts, and acts as a central safe place for to manage your data. Snikket supports multiple devices on a single chat account, it keeps track of which ones are online, and helps deliver messages reliably from person to person.

As well as allowing everyone on a Snikket server to chat with each other, it also supports communicating with people on other Snikket servers. Each individual Snikket instance forms part of a global network with the potential to rival existing mainstream messaging providers.

Where do I start?

Glad you asked! We have a quick-start guide prepared :-)