Snikket Privacy Policy

Snikket is built on the principle of increasing privacy for everyone. We believe people own their personal data, and have a right to know how and when it is collected, processed and shared.

Unlike many technology companies today, Snikket Community Interest Company is not funded through advertising, or the collection, sharing, or aggregation of personal data. All our software is designed to not share any data with us except where necessary for specific reasons.

Privacy Policy for the Snikket App

If you use the Snikket app, we have a dedicated privacy policy that details the data associated with using the app.

Privacy Policy for the website

For visitors to the website:

  • No personal information is collected that you do not deliberately provide to us.
  • No cookies or other tracking identifiers are stored in your browser.
  • No information is shared with, sent to, or sold to third-parties, including advertisers.

We use the Plausible Analytics tool on our website to safely collect anonymous usage data. We use this to help us understand the traffic we receive, how people are using our website, and what pages we might need to improve. The data is aggregated and not designed for tracking individuals. No personal data is collected.

Data that is collected includes the websites that send us traffic, pages on our site that are visited, duration of the visits, information from the devices (device type, operating system, country and web browser) used during the visit. For more information see the Plausible Analytics data policy.