Hello there! Snikket is launching at FOSDEM 2020, come see us in the Realtime Lounge!

Welcome to Snikket

What is Snikket?

Snikket is a messaging app with a focus on privacy and ease of use.

To support your privacy, Snikket is fundamentally different to other messaging apps that you may be familiar with.

Most popular messaging apps are developed by large businesses who provide the service for free in exchange for gathering data about you and showing you ads. In addition, all your messages travel through internet servers operated by them.

Instead of a single large corporation controlling everything, Snikket is decentralized. It is built on a network of smaller independent providers. Each individual is able to choose a Snikket provider that they can trust and yet still communicate with anyone else in the network.

Centralized network

Decentralized network

How do I get started?

You need to be invited to join a Snikket provider to get started with the app.

I already have an invite

If you already have an invite link, open it and follow the instructions to install the app. If you already have the app installed, great! Open the invite again and click the ‘Open the app’ button to get started.

I don’t have an invite

You can ask someone you know who runs a Snikket service to send you an invite link to get started. Once you receive the link it will contain instructions to guide you through joining the network.

If nobody you know is currently running a Snikket service, learn more about running your own service (or ask a techie friend!).

Help! I just want to chat!

Don’t worry! If there are no Snikket services that would give you an invite and if you are unable to run your own, Snikket may not currently be the right app for you.

We recommend you use Conversations instead. It uses the same network and is fully compatible with Snikket, but it also allows you to register an account on a range of open-registration XMPP services.