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Snikket is different

Popular messaging apps today are designed so that all your messages and data flow through the provider of the app. The companies that provide these apps are in the perfect position to track everyone's messages and contacts.

Snikket is different. The Snikket network is instead made of lots of smaller independent services that can all communicate with each other. Together they form a large messaging network with nobody in the middle. Every person in the network can choose to use a Snikket service provided by someone they trust - this could be an organisation or simply a technical friend or family member!

Snikket is for groups

Snikket is ideal for small groups of people (such as families, friends, clubs or even small organisations) who need a private messaging app that doesn't depend on their phone number, doesn't upload their address book anywhere, and doesn't sell data to advertisers.

Snikket is a safe space. Within your Snikket instance, you decide who joins - by sending them a simple invitation link. Organise groups of people into "circles" so they can easily find each other, create group chats for different topics, and make audio or video calls within the Snikket app.

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