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Snikket is an independent open-source project developed by people who share a common vision of what communication freedom should look like.

We are aiming to make Snikket a self-sustaining project so we can maintain the project and fulfil our goals well into the future. Funding directly helps the people and projects behind Snikket to accomplish this.

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If you donate, drop us a note to say hi! We love to hear from supporters, hear your thoughts on the project, and a chance to say thank you! :heart:

About the project

The Snikket project is backed by a not-for-profit entity, Snikket Community Interest Company, registered in the UK. A Community Interest Company (CIC) of this kind has a community purpose at its heart. In our case that purpose is developing, supporting and promoting open-source communcation software that gives people full control over their communications and their private data.

You can read our high-level project goals.

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