Snikket Goals


Snikket is an ambitious project to build a new kind of XMPP-based messaging platform.

Until now, the XMPP ecosystem has been very fragmented - a collection of projects with a mixture of different designs, terminologies and quality. Diversity is excellent, and the foundation of any healthy ecosystem. But we also need to have some amount of consistency. Snikket aims to provide this consistency, and provide a friendly entrance to the world of XMPP.

Snikket aims to:

  • Provide an XMPP client for every major platform, with each client having consistent branding, terminology, and features.
  • Provide a simple XMPP service that is easy to deploy and maintain, and provides all the necessary features for Snikket clients out of the box.

The primary use case for Snikket currently is secure personal messaging. That is, we are aiming to provide an open alternative to proprietary messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Signal, and Telegram.

Snikket is currently not aiming to be a replacement for enterprise/team chat solutions such as Slack, Discord, RocketChat or Mattermost. This may change in the future as resources allow, but right now we want to focus on doing one thing and doing it well.


This section gives a high-level overview of some of the largest tasks on our roadmap. It is an evolving document, and will be updated as the project progresses.

iOS app localization

Our iOS app is currently only available in English. We’re working on fixing this.

End-user documentation

We’re very keen to provide comprehensive documentation on the apps to end-users, as well as an administration guide for Snikket server operators.

Server deployment integrations

There are a number of potential places where Snikket can be better integrated, e.g. self-hosting services and distributions such as YunoHost and

Snikket web client

As a first step towards accessing Snikket from non-mobile platforms, we intend to launch a web client for Snikket.

Supporting us

We welcome contributions of all kinds! You can help support the project by:

  • Working directly on the code
  • Writing or translating documentation
  • Donating to the project

We’re always happy to hear from people, join the community!