Snikket Hosting

Your own messaging service in the cloud

Snikket is a fully open-source personal messaging server that allows groups of people such as family, friends, clubs and organisations to have their own private communication space.

You can run a Snikket service yourself on your own server, VPS or even a low-power device such as a Raspberry Pi.

We can also run your Snikket service for you. It’s a great option if you’re just looking for a more privacy-friendly alternative to mainstream messengers such as Facebook, WhatsApp or Telegram, without the learning curve required to run your own server. You can always migrate your data at any time.


  • Private messaging service for your family, friends or organisation.
  • No ads, no data mining. Your data is your data.
  • Secure. Messages and data are encrypted to modern security standards.
  • Fully open-source, no surprises. We trust our software, and so can you.


Snikket Hosting is currently in private beta. If you’re interested in the service, please contact us via an email to!