State of Snikket 2023

Posted by The Snikket Team on August 9 2023

This is our first blog post for quite a while, and the last few have all been technical updates of various kinds about the Snikket software. In fact it’s been almost two years since the last post that gave a general progress update on the Snikket project itself, so let’s fix that!

You’ll be pleased to hear that Snikket is very much alive, and although there hasn’t been much of a show to see here, a bunch of stuff has been going on backstage.

We plan to catch you up with our progress and various other topics through a series of upcoming blog posts. A number of these are inspired from questions we receive often, others are related to updates in the project, or changes in the industry and ecosystem which Snikket is a part of.

Rather than cram a diverse range of topics into a single post, we’re going to break it up a little. Over the coming weeks, we’ll answer questions such as:

  • What have we been working on over the last year?

  • What is the status of the Android and iOS apps?

  • What about the web and desktop apps we’ve been promising?

  • What did launch and what does that have to do with Snikket?

  • Where has funding come from to keep the lights lit at Snikket HQ?

  • What are the longer term plans for project funding?

  • What’s this Digital Markets Act thingy, is it good or bad, and what implications does it (and other similar laws in the pipeline) have for the future of Snikket, XMPP, interoperability of chat apps, and decentralised online services more generally?

  • What did we get up to at the recent FOSSY conference in Portland, US?

  • What kind of test devices do we use and where do they come from?

Curious? Our first post is live, and it’s about the app development. Jump right in to State of Snikket 2023: The Apps!