Snikket Operators Guide

This guide contains useful information to anyone who manages their own Snikket instance.

What is a Snikket instance?

Snikket allows anyone to run the open-source Snikket server software on their own systems to create a private space for users to connect using the Snikket app, and exchange messages, media and calls.

When someone sets up the Snikket server software, we call it an “instance” of Snikket.

Every Snikket instance has a unique domain name (such as ‘’) and allows creation of user accounts by invitation. For more information, check out our introduction to the Snikket service software.

Getting started

If you are looking to set up Snikket for the first time, start with the quick-start guide.

After setup, if you want to explore further, check out the features and advanced topics in the side menu.


We’re always looking to improve Snikket further. Feel free to reach out at Let us know if you encountered any difficulty setting up, or even if it was a breeze!